New/Improved Features

  • The debugger now includes a backtrace command to show the stacktrace
  • Cocoa port now includes a Hex Editor/Viewer
  • The debugger help command was improved
  • General improvements to debugger usability
  • The SDL port now compiles on Windows (Binaries included)
  • Mouse hiding in Cocoa is now only enabled during full screen
  • The Cocoa port now remembers the mute setting
  • SameBoy now issues a warning when loading a game that uses an unsupported cartridge
  • Cocoa port now remembers previous breakpoints/watchpoints after reset
  • Cocoa port now automatically shows the open if needed

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • OBP0/1 are now initialized to the correct value (Fixes Mooneye’s DMG hardware registers test).
  • A disconnected serial cable is now emulated. Fixes:
    • Baseball
    • Faceball 2000
    • Fighting Simulator
    • Godzilla
    • Hiryuu Gaiden
    • In Your Face
    • Lunar Lander
    • Pinball Party
    • Sneaky Snakes
    • Super R.C. Pro-Am
    • WWF Stars
    • Yoshi’s Egg
  • Correctly emulating unused OAM RAM in DMG mode
  • DMG boot ROM now finishes with the original register values (Fixes Mooneye’s DMG boot registers test)
  • RTC clock latching is now emulated.
  • Fixed APU issues where simultaneously running games could affect each other
  • Fixed APU issue that could break some games. Fixes:
    • Chiki Chiki Tengoku
    • Moguranya/Mole Mania
  • Fixed MBC RAM not being properly reset. Old save data must be deleted for this fix to apply. Fixes:
    • Purikura Pocket 3
    • Probably affects many other games

Bug Fixes

  • Boot ROMs were not trimmed correctly
  • Fixes several bugs that caused the Cocoa port to freeze when using the reset command during debugging

Misc Internal Changes

  • SameBoy can now be compiled with precompiled (non-SameBoy) boot ROMs
  • SameBoy includes an automated game ROM tester