New/Improved Features

  • New debugger command: cartridge (alias: mbc) shows information about the cartridge and the current status of the MBC
  • Experimental debugger command: sld (Short for Stack Leak Detection) behaves similarly to finish, but stops if a stack leak or stack overflow is detected
  • The Cocoa port now allows configuring controls

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • ROM banks now wrap (Fixes game: Pocket Monster Adventures (Bootleg))
  • Fixed incorrect DMA behavior, DMA might fail for specific source addresses (Fixes game: The Smurfs 3)
  • Timer registers were counting too slow in CGB double speed mode
  • Corrected read behavior of the HDMA5 register (Fixes game: A Bug’s Life in CGB mode)
  • Fixed a bug with the CGB boot ROM that prevented initialization of the wave RAM
  • The CGB boot ROM now loads the DMG tilemap for specific games, just like the original ROM (Fixes game: X (intro animation))
  • Fixed a bug where audio channel 3 was playing silently while it should have been muted.

Bug Fixes

  • Debugger’s finish command now behaves correctly when interrupts are involved
  • Corrected the description for the breakpoint command
  • SameBoy will not create save files for ROMs without cartridge RAM or RTC, even if they report having a battery, preventing 0-bytes save files