New/Improved Features

  • Support for multiple breakpoints
  • Better debugger command style and error reporting; includes help command
  • In the SDL port, ^C in the terminal will break the debugger instead of quitting SameBoy
  • Cocoa port now saves preferences (Model and frame blending)
  • It is not possible to toggle console output and debugging in the Cocoa port

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • Read/write masks corrected for several registers
  • Corrected 144th OAM interrupt behavior
  • LCD operation moved to advance_cycles, fixing some obscure timing issues (Fixes game: X / Ekkusu)
  • More accurate emulation of the registers controlling DMG emulation on CGB
  • Emulation of PCM_12 and PCM_34 in the SDL port

Bug Fixes

  • Debugger’s next command can now exit a function