This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.14.3 and newer, as well as save states from any BESS compliant emulator

New/Improved Features

  • Debugger inputs in the Cocoa frontend now work if the emulator is paused rather than in debugger-stopped
  • The Cocoa debugger was given an improved interface with better contrast, and traditional Continue/Step Over/Step In/Step Out buttons
  • The debugger now has an interrupt command, in addition to the previously-available ^C key sequence
  • SameBoy is now properly categorized as a Game app in macOS’s Launchpad
  • The lcd command now displays the background shifter and fetcher states
  • The Cocoa frontend can now perform a “quick reset”, which is essentially equivalent to a reset via the cartridge reset pin, and retains RAM values, and other otherwise-uninitialized values
  • The Cocoa cheats window is now less strict about forcing a user to type $ when typing an address
  • The tick debugger command now has an optional keep argument, which prevents resetting the tick count
  • Joy-Cons are now fully supported in the Cocoa frontend:
    • This includes the usual pack of zero-configuration key-mappings, rumble support, player LEDs, and motion controls
    • Additionally, a dedicated Joy-Con arrangement sheet lets you combine and separate Joy-Cons and switch their orientation from horizontal to vertical

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • Fixed a regression that made DMA restart timing inaccurate
  • Fixed a regression that caused ROMs that trigger one of the pixel insertion glitches to display incorrectly (Release builds) or trigger an assertion (Debug builds)
  • Fixed a different regression in a different pixel insertion glitch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the debugger finish command did not behave as expected in certain cases where the ROM manipulated the stack
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Cocoa cheat window to send debugger commands
  • Fixed a regression that caused the Cocoa cheat window to crash when attempting to add an invalid GameShark or GameGenie code
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Cocoa cheat window to crash while typing a cheat address on newer versions of macOS

Misc Internal Changes

  • SameBoy (and SameBoot) can now be built with RGBDS 0.6.x; support for RGBDS 0.4.x has been dropped
  • Fixed potential compilation warnings for incoming versions of Clang and GCC
  • Added the GB_quick_reset API