This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.14.3 and newer, as well as save states from any BESS compliant emulator

New/Improved Features

  • Both frontends now include links to the debugger documentation and to the GitHub Sponsors page

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where certain color correction modes were desaturating colors in an unbalanced manner
  • Accurate emulation of the first-frame-behavior while emulating the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance; fixes white flashes while playing games developed by THQ
  • More accurate emulation of the square channels sample repeat glitch, fixing certain audio pops in LSDj and various games while using a vibrato effect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous release that introduced several issues in the Cocoa version, including:
    • The memory viewer crashing under some conditions
    • Attempting to save state returned an error, despite saving being completed successfully
  • Fixed a bug where MBC state was not properly reset, fixing bugs resulting in some games not booting correctly if they were loaded after certain other games in the SDL frontend, libretro, and other 3rd-party frontends

Misc Internal Changes

  • New memory management APIs for better integration of SameBoy as a library