This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.11.x and newer, as well as save states from any BESS compliant emulator

New/Improved Features

  • Scrolling is now smooth when running the SDL port on macOS
  • The SDL port’s debugger now has a readline-like interface; featuring history, search, auto-complete, text formatting, and improved asynchronous input
    • This also introduces asynchronous debugging to the Windows version
  • Minor UI improvements on Big Sur

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where NR32 was treated as the wrong value after an APU reset
  • Writes to wave RAM are now blocked, as expected, when emulating a Game Boy Advance
  • Fixed the Game Boy Color and Advance boot ROM not properly initializing wave RAM
  • Improved accuracy of mid-line SCX writes, fixes Infinity
  • ld sp, hl now triggers an OAM corruption on affected models
  • Improved emulation of Super Game Boy multiplayer, fixes several games that were not responding to inputs
  • Fixed the Super Game Boy ATTR_SET command not working correctly, fixing several mis-colored SGB games
  • Fixed inaccurate Super Game Boy border fade timing, which caused some games to have corrupt borders
  • Fixed inaccurate Super Game Boy graphic transfers, which caused some games to have corrupt borders
  • Fixed Super Game Boy rendering of unused tiles, which caused some games to obscure the Game Boy viewport entirely
  • Fixed a bug that caused 7-part Super Game Boy commands to lock SGB features, effectively freezing some games on blank screens
  • Several timing improvements to the Super Game Boy
  • Fixed a mistyped condition that caused a timer glitch to be incorrectly emulated
  • Accurate emulation of how the wave channel behaves on restart
  • Mostly complete emulation of an APU glitch where channel 3 could read from wave RAM while inactive using the CPU’s main address bus on models prior to the Game Boy Advance
  • The Game Boy Color and Advance boot ROM animation had its timings slightly altered to better match the original boot ROMs

Bug Fixes

  • A typo was fixed in the debugger mbc command
  • Fixed a crash in the SDL port that could happen when swapping ROMs
  • Handling of tiny (Less than 32KB) ROMs is now more consistent
  • Fixed a bug in the SDL port that flipped the controller left and right keys in the menu
  • Resetting a game after loading a save state from a different CPU revision now resets the CPU revision to the user-selected revision on the Cocoa port

Misc Internal Changes

  • Fixed an internal struct issue that could have lead to future compatibility issues
  • The automatic tester now supports Super Game Boy