This version is backwards compatible with save states from SameBoy 0.11.x and newer.

New/Improved Features

  • The Quick Look previewer now produces color-corrected thumbnails
  • The debugger now supports a wider range of symbol files

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where samples in the wave channel were treated as if they’re 0, effectively muting the channel in some cases.
  • Fixed a regression that caused some PPU test ROMs to fail
  • More accurate emulation of memory access conflicts on the Super Game Boy
  • When emulating a Super Game Boy, built-in palettes for select games are now emulated
  • Accuracy improvements to Super Game Boy’s multiplayer mode
  • Super Game Boy and Game Boy Advance now have their own color correction filters

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to audio in the SDL port, affecting some machines
  • Fixed a bug where the SDL port loaded the wrong boot ROM when emulating Super Game Boy 2
  • Fixed broken audio on libretro when used with some RetroArch audio drivers
  • Fixed a potential crash when closing a window in the Cocoa port
  • Fixed libretro achievements
  • Fixed major performence issues in the Cocoa port that affected some Macs, especially when emulating the original Super Game Boy

Misc Internal Changes

  • The emulation core now supports emulating a Super Game Boy without high level emulation of the SNES or SFC. SameBoy is now used for Game Boy emulation by bsnes, allowing extremely accurate low-level emulation of Super Game Boy.
  • Made it possible to compile the SDL port with older SDL versions
  • Compression improvements to the CGB and AGB boot ROMs