New/Improved Features

  • The libretro port can now be compiled for the Switch
  • Made the menu key more obvious in the SDL port
  • Can now emulate a Game Boy Advance in Game Boy Color mode
  • Changing a model in the SDL port is now done via the menu
  • Major improvements to the way the libretro port handles audio, significantly improving audio quality
  • It is now possible to select a specific model to emulate in the libretro port

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • APU stereo volume levels are now scaled emulated correctly (Volume levels are 1-8, not 0-7)
  • Triggering a pulse by writing to NRx4 now correctly changes the volume level of the previously played pulse. Fixes sound pops in Link’s Awekening.
  • The CGB boot now finishes with correct register values
  • Fixed APU DIV events sometimes causing audio pops in disabled channels. Fixes sound pops in Super Mario Land 2
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of NR50 and NR51 were unintentionally delayed. Fixes sound pops in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge and Donkey Kong ‘94.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed video issues with the libretro port when using Vulkan
  • Using a Joypad in the Cocoa port did not prevent the screen saver from starting