This version is not compatible with save states of older versions.

New/Improved Features

  • The CGB boot ROM will now wait until the user finishes choosing a palette
  • New SDL GUI:
    • More user friendly, settings are now more accessible
    • Added configurable controls
    • Added scaling filters (requires OpenGL 3.2 support)
    • Added frame blending (requires OpenGL 3.2 support)
  • Added joypad support to both the Cocoa and SDL ports

Accuracy Improvements/Fixes

  • More accurate PPU timings
  • The first frame after turning the LCD on is now skipped, as in hardware (Fixed Pokémon Pinball visual glitch)
  • Accurate emulation of VRAM and OAM blocking
  • More accurate emulation of MBC1
  • Improved serial cable timing emulation
  • Complete rewrite of the APU emulation (Fixed audio on several games)
    • APU emulation is now sample-accurate in almost all case
    • Audio is now rendered at 2MHz (like real hardware), downsampled to 96KHz (or 44.1 on Windows)
    • Passes all of Blagg’s APU tests, as well as most of SameBoy’s (yet-to-be-released) APU tests
    • Added 3 modes of high-pass filtering (Disabled, Emulate Hardware, and Preserve Waveforms)
  • Fixed KEY1 being writable on a CGB in DMG mode
  • Refined window behavior (Fixed visual glitches in Pokémon G/S/C)
  • SCY latching is now correctly emulated
  • Refined SCX’s effects on PPU timings
  • Correctly emulate differences in interrupt timing when the CPU is in halt mode
  • More accurate emulation of interrupt servicing. (Fixed Pinball Deluxe)
  • Fixed OAM interrupt timing (Fixed Pinball Deluxe when emulating a DMG)
  • Added 4 modes of color correction (Disabled, Correct Curves, Emulate Hardware and Preserve Brightness)
  • Fixed EI behavior

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed backtrace command in the debugger (first item did not appear correctly)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving games after resetting the emulator
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed a bug that caused black screens after loading a save state when emulating a DMG
  • Fixed potential crashes when viewing OAMs in the VRAM viewer

Misc Internal Changes

  • API improvements
  • It is now possible to specify a boot ROM for the automatic tester
  • The Libretro core is now merged into the main branch